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CÈL·LULA is a flexible structure for the creation, continuous transmission and development of dance that invites and welcomes choreographers and dancers.

  • It aims to facilitate and produce medium to large-scale creations, addressing the current challenge faced by small, private production works in supporting pieces of this scale.

    CÈL·LULA projects take various forms, including in-house productions, international or national co-productions, and research laboratories, depending on the creations, the artists and the partnerships involved.

  • Cèl·lula LAB

    CÈL·LULA LAB invites artists to hold practice sessions, share tools and
    methodologies, processes and research. It is a space in which to grow, through
    shared experience.

    The CÈL·LULA LABs aim to introduce performers to the tools
    and languages of different choreographers, so that they can delve
    into the various techniques and languages proposed by the
    creators. A space and time for transmission, integration and
    experimentation, for both choreographers and dancers.

    So far 11 CELL LABs have been carried out:

  • Cell PRO

    Its aim is to make possible the creation of medium and large format works
    of choreographers who are at the point of maturity and interest to deploy
    his talent and his aesthetic universe in this scenic format.

    So far we have promoted three CÈL·LULA PRO productions, with Albert Quesada,
    Pere Faura / La Diürna and Guy Nader | Maria Campos. This year we proposed
    to Núria Guiu a large format creation. During the 2023/2024 season,
    the resident artist has presented the solo ‘Medium’ (30/09 and 1/10), the starting point
    of the new creation ‘Supermedium’, which will premiere at the Mercat, from 24/01 to 28/01.



Núria Guiu will be accompanied, in this new work for CÈL·LULA #4, by the Norwegian choreographer Ingri Fiksdal. Supermedium is a large-format version inspired by Medium, a solo that the two choreographers created in 2022 and which will open the 2023-24 season. In the history of dance up to the present day, there are different approaches to the embodiment of the virtual or invisible. Witches or mediums have always been women associated with the fringes of society and with superpowers.

The piece investigates the metaphor of the ghost, the creation and stage presentation as a ritual, the body as a channel and archive that invokes other bodies. Supermedium is also a metaphor for today’s “Superballerina”, a person who lives on the threshold of what is a precarious job and a job valued, paid and with the rights of any other worker. In this creation, eight female dancers will channel movements and dances that invoke a singularity crossed by a common past and present. An exorcism that burns, expels and invites to rebirth the dance, the ballerina and the live arts of the future.


GN | MC. GUY NADER | MARIA CAMPOS offered two open rehearsals (October 2020 and May 2021) within the regular programming of the Mercat de les Flors for the 2020-2021 season that served them to complete the process of creating their new piece and to have a first contact with the public. Made of Space is a co-production of Mercat de les Flors and the Grec Festival that premiered on July 1, as part of the Grec 2021 Festival in Barcelona. The company, based in Barcelona and with an international background, explores movement and the visual and sound landscape to talk to us about the spatiotemporal dimension. His new creation was presented at the Mercat de les Flors in October 2021: on the 16th and 17th and from the 22nd to the 24th.

GN|MC concludes with this new work a trilogy that began with the quintet Time Takes The Time Time Takes (2015) and that continued with the septet Set Of Sets (2018), dedicated to exploring the concept of time and the notion of the infinite. Now, the company formed by Guy Nader and Maria Campos continues to delve into concepts of physics and stages this fascination for the communicative capacity inherent in movement in its relationship with the notion of space-time as a source of inspiration.

Idea-concept GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos / Direction Guy Nader / Co-direction Maria Campos / Musical composition Miguel Marín / Live music Daniel Munarriz, Joan Pérez-Villegas / Creation and interpretation Maxime Smeets, Patricia Hastewell, Noé Ferey, Maria Campos, Héctor Plaza,  Alex De Vries, Anamaria Klajnšček / Light design Conchita Pons / Technical direction Albert Glas / Set design GN|MC / Costume Gabriela Lotaif / Artistic assistence Alexis Eupierre / Assistant director Claudia SolWat / Executive production Clàudia Saez -La Destil·leria, Raqscene
Coproduction Mercat de les Flors (Cèl·lula project), Grec 2021 Festival de Barcelona / With the support Fundació Banc Sabadell, Departament de Cultura – Generalitat de Catalunya / With the collaboration Graner fàbrica de creació; CondeDuque Centro de Cultura Contemporánea / Thanks Michael Yazbek

Made of Space, by GN|MC. GUY NADER | MARIA CAMPOS, can be seen again from April 5 to 7, 2024 at Mercat de les Flors


Pere Faura used the LABS to launch his latest creation: Rèquiem nocturn. The project revolves around the figure of choreographer and film director Bob Fosse, both physically and conceptually, exploring his legacy in his artistic, professional and personal dimension.

The physical and poetic universe of Fosse was worked on as a starting point and inspiration to create new scenic materials in which his influence resonates, but which at the same time also transcends it. The show does not want to be a simple activation of Fosse’s legacy or a mere academic exercise in presenting his choreographic archive. The aim is, on the one hand, to re-visit and version his choreographic work, especially the dances created expressly for the camera. And on the other hand, the investigation of other textual or visual materials from his films that reflect on the idea of ​​life and death.

The show takes the form of a Requiem, with music, dance and words, made up of original and personal stage material created together with the dancers based on the Fosse universe and their own personal contributions.

The creation of the show starts from a simple exercise of imagination in the form of a question: “What would Bob Fosse’s work be like if he lived today?” The show therefore unfolds a personal and updated vision of Fosse’s universe through a dramaturgical structure that functions as a game of mirrors between some of his most emblematic choreographies and their possible reflection in today’s society.

Concept, direction and choreography Pere Faura / Performers Odo Cabot, Montse Colomé, Raffaella Crapio, Mario Garcia, Júlia Irango, Anamaria Klajnescek, Gloria March, Víctor Pérez Armero, Toni Viñals, Claudia Solwat, Sarah Anglada, Miquel Fiol, Guillermo Weickert with the collaboration of (actor still to be confirmed) / Concept and stage space Jordi Queralt / Composition, performance and musical direction Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.) /Dramaturgy assistant Marc Angelet / Direction assistant Anna Serrano / Choreography assistant Claudia SolWat
Production Cèl·lula #2 del Mercat de les Flors / With the collaboration Fundació Banc de Sabadell / Co-production Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona and Plataforma Cultural La Diürna, SL / Special support by Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya (CAT) / Premiere July, 2020 – Festival Grec – Mercat de les Flors (BCN)

Pere Faura presented Rèquiem nocturn at Mercat de les Flors: from 5 to 7 and from 12 to 14 February 2021 and from 25 to 27 May 2023.


Flamingos is Albert Quesada‘s new immersion in the world of flamenco, after his last piece, OneTwoThreeOneTwo (2015), a duet in which he explores this art from an intimate and moving side. Now he proposes a large piece, with 8 dancers, where the choreographer continues immersing himself in the complexity of flamenco, its music and dance that fascinates him for its magnetism and its structural purity.

Flamingos investigates the transmission of flamenco and overcome the stereotypes that identify it, with a view of contemporary dancers and choreographers, without prejudice.

Idea, choreography and direction Albert Quesada / Assistant director Claudia SolWat / Created with and by Blanca Tolsá, Eliott Marmouset, Katie Vickers, Laila Tafur, Mario G. Sáez, Miquel Fiol, Víctor Pérez Armero, Viktoria Andersson / Albert Quesada, Blanca Tolsá, Eliott Marmouset, Katie Vickers, Laila Tafur, Mario G. Sáez, Víctor Pérez Armero, Viktoria Andersson / Sound design Rafael Cañete, Julián D’Avino, Carlos Parra / Ligh and stage design CUBE.ez / Costumes Jorge Dutor, Meritxell Janot / Dramaturgy Albert Pérez Hidalgo, Pau Masaló / Thanks to Mireia de Querol
Production Mercat de les Flors / Coproduction Dansa – Quinzena metropolitana /With the support Fundació Pública Teatre de la Llotja / Creation residence Graner fábrica de creació, Fundació Pública Teatre de la Llotja / With the collaboration Fundació Banc Sabadell / Special thanks Kosmonaut Production


Albert Quesada continues his personal research into the world of flamenco and its complexity with the intention of finding the very origin of the movement and the song. The choreographer wants to discover the engine of flamenco and move it to other bodies and other music in order to generate a new meaning. Achieving, after all, that the little spark that everyone keeps within them turns, finally, into a big fire.

Flamingos is the result of placing Carmen Amaya in the middle of a John Waters scene. The impulse of flamenco to share the interior of the human soul is mixed with the music, the costumes and the more pop imagination. What is our own flamenco? What is our music and which kind of dances invite to dance? Bodies, desires, fears and references allow themselves to be contaminated to give rise to a jam session full of duende. A party that lasts until dawn where eight performers expose themselves and undress with the sole desire to celebrate and to celebrate themselves, with movements and songs that leave no room for doubt or uncertainty. This is so and it cannot be otherwise. Ea!

FLAMINGOS is a production of the Mercat de les flors within the framework of the CÈLULA project with Co-production of La Quinzena 2019