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The Circ d’Ara Mateix is a celebration and vindication of the contemporary circus. This space for creative freedom and experimentation fuses desire and pleasure with diversity and contemporary art. Local artists combine with international influences to offer new perspectives and unique circus languages that engage with a diverse audience.

Today’s circus performances address intersectionality and reflect diverse perspectives that arise not from political correctness or self-censorship, but which emerge organically in each project, enriching our perception of the world. Circus techniques are intertwined with the personal experiences and reflections of the artists, giving rise to artistic expressions that transcend the merely visual.

In this series we will discover the power of the body as a tool for exploration through circus techniques, the body at risk, the manipulation of the object (whether material or immaterial) and above all, the desire to defend the circus of today. The interaction between material and body will be explored through work which has been years in training, culminating in intriguing performances. In addition, the continuous experimentation and exploration of the limits of the body challenge us to adopt new perspectives. Likewise, we see interdependence and trust as particular, essential manifestations in the world of circus.

This series of shows is more than mere entertainment: it invites the spectator to think, question and immerse themselves in unique worlds. It assesses the ability to learn from mistakes and resilience, fundamental teachings of the circus and the live arts.

The Circ d’Ara Mateix is a space for coexistence, offering performances in theatres and marquees. We have witnessed and we will continue to witness the growth of many artists. The Circ d’Ara Mateix 2024 series is an invitation to resist, explore and let oneself be overwhelmed by the art of the body, by risk and by the artistry of the contemporary circus, defining along the way the circus of tomorrow.

Víctor Bobadilla Parra
Artistic coordinator, La Central del Circ

Pending to confirm the rest of the program of the cycle