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DAN DAN DANSA didactic suitcase

The experience of movement in the classroom accompanied by a suitcase full of resources and tools that will make us discover, enjoy and value dance and the creative process

The Dan Dan Dansa didactic suitcase aims to be an orientation tool for teachers that brings students closer to the world of dance and familiarizes them with some of its main values ​​and concepts.
The content of the suitcase mainly revolves around five interrelated basic concepts that give an overview and allow progressive progress in the initial tools to enjoy and learn about the world of dance.
For each of the concepts, several didactic activities have been prepared especially designed for Early Childhood Education and the three cycles of Primary Education, which can guide the teacher in their deepening, although they are still open proposals that each educator can adapt to their needs, their students or their knowledge of the subject.
For the development of the proposed didactic activities, the use of one or more objects is proposed, some of which are contained in the suitcase and others are instruments commonly used in schools. Any of the objects, however, can be treated by the teacher himself from another point of view or can facilitate the creation of other activities. It is not a matter of carrying out all the activities, but of choosing the one that best suits the needs of the students.

Please contact us for further information at: educatius@mercatflors.cat