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El Graner Creation Centre

Graner is a center for creating and research about the language of the body and movement. As part of the Creation Factories program of the Barcelona City Council, it has the management of Mercat de les Flors, in collaboration with APDC and ACPDC.

Graner is a centre for the creation of dance and live art, located in an old light bulb factory in La Marina district of Barcelona. It is an interconnected,
diverse space that focuses on artistic research and experimentation and interacts with the professional, educational and civic community. Our project is based on interconnection, artistic creation and collective learning, sustainability, transparency and transformation

Graner is a dance creation centre that promotes and  supports artistic creation processes and research related to the body, movement and choreographic language. Our prin-cipal mission is to provide support for the artistic community, creating service and meeting spaces for experimentation and innovation and providing the necessary tools for the professionalisation of the sector. Through artistic practice, we also promote programmes in relation to the local area and the educational community in which movement and dance act to stimulate action and reflection. We like to think of Graner as a living ecosystem in which various agents co-exist to help germinate and cultivate the new choreographic languages of the present and future.

Many of the projects we are supporting are de-livered by means of participatory laboratories that represent both the process and final outcome in one, thus underlining the importance and artistic value of the methodologies and research stemming from the language of movement and gestures of the body. We want to promote transmission con-texts to showcase spaces of possibility that stimulate ques-tions, new dialogues and the sharing of creative sensibilities