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Dansa Metropolitana

It is already March again, the month in which spring begins, the days are longer and the heat is beginning to make itself felt, but above all the month of Metropolitan Dance.

Once again, the festival fills twelve cities in the Barcelona metropolitan area with movement and once again displays one of the most extensive and complete dance programs in the Spanish State, with a large presence of excelent local and international artists that can be discovered in the several cities.

This year urban dances are the common thread of the festival and, thanks to the Artèries project, they will be able to transmit their energy everywhere. Like an artery of the body, this project takes dance from the heart to the extremities, connecting professional urban dance choreographers in Catalonia with local schools and, through them, with the general public.

With this project, Dansa Metropolitana celebrates the fact that breakdance is beginning to be considered an Olympic sport, as well as the vitality and strength of urban dances, which represent the perfect bridge for dance to transfer from the street to the stage.

Large and small format venues, unconventional spaces, squares, streets, creation centers, cinemas and digital spaces, Dansa Metropolitana invites you to enjoy movement in all its facets for another year because, as Nietzsche said: “We should consider lost the days in which we have not danced at least once.”