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by Perejaume


The piece consists of 3 tapestries made with a black nylon yarn warp measuring 43cm wide and 34.35m, 44.43m and 132m long. The tapestries are screwed into rolls of approximately 56 cm, 66 cm and 124 cm.

The work ‘Tres corbes de nivell’ (Three contour lines) refers to 3 Catalan hills and the monitoring of the level curve of each of them; the level curve is a line that joins all the points that are at the same altitude and Pere Jaume has embodied them in these tapestries that are rolled up in real dimensions:

• Cim del Monteixo. Perimeter curve 2905: 34’35 m.
• Puig de Gallicant. Perimeter curve 1009: 33’94 m.
• Monterols Hill. Perimeter curve 125: 132 m.