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New collection of monographs on in-house choreographers

Published by Mercat de les Flors, Institut del Teatre and Editorial Comanegra

En aquest món hi ha d’haver de tot


Edited by Bàrbara Raubert

Corporitzar el pensament


Edited by Riikka Laakso

El que m’agradaria que la dansa fos


Edited by Joaquim Noguero



Edited by Bàrbara Raubert


“Paragrafies” aims to value, make visible and transmit the choreographic thought and the poetic and conceptual universe of the creators of dance. A collection that aims to bring together the legacy of the artists in this discipline and to expand the information and memory we have of the practice of dance.

“Paragrafies” aims to make available to everyone the intellectual knowledge that is born and built from the shared experience of choreographers and dancers. We understand dance as a tool for both creation and thought, and we want to transmit this duality by proposing to choreographers an exercise of analysis and reflection on their work, their tools and their research.

Dance is based on bodily experience, perception, presence, contact with others, movement and the transformation of relationships between space, time and corporeality. The dancing body acts from a totality, it suggests or evokes, it is hi-tech – complex yet simple – that unfolds organically. All this practice and experience form very specific knowledge – abstract and at the same time concrete – that structures thought and generates very particular and very diverse poetics.

The ease with which dance can enter into dialogue with other disciplines, the universality of its language and the singularity of each body give it a mysterious richness, made of fragility and strength, of precariousness and power… The silence of dance and the eloquence of the body turn dancers and choreographers into unconventional beings: choosing dance, choosing the body, today, is a radical, political attitude.

For all these reasons, the “Paragrafies” collection will be proposing very diverse choreographers in terms of aesthetics, generation or choreographic writing; it would like to invite you to publish and share your reflections, to expand the richness of this discipline.

“Paragrafies” marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the Institut del Teatre, Mercat de les Flors and publishers Comanegra, which aims to create an archive of practical and ephemeral thought, a thought that urgently needs to be communicated.