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In November elPetit Festival returns!


The aim of elPetit Festival is to bring live arts closer to early childhood and to vindicate the early exposure of babies and toddlers to live artistic experiences.

From 11 to 26 November 2023, elPetit Festival will fill the venues of 13 Spanish cities with some of the best national and international shows specifically devised for young audiences. This year’s edition pays homage to the very essence of elPetit: it features an extensive repertoire including high-quality, immersive experiences, innovative shows in multiple languages and a wonderful array of emerging acting talents.

Also this year, the Festival is keen to announce two new locations —Madrid and Mallorca—, from which several premières by Catalan artists will be launched thanks to elPetit’s and the Mercat de les Flors’ enthusiastic endorsement. In total, more than 100 venues will be home to a variety of artistic encounters where small children will be able to look at the world by mixing play, senses, and imagination.

But elPetit is much more than an Arts Festival! Research, training, dialogue, and networking are also at stake. That is why, parallel to the festival, the 8th International Arts Meeting for (early) Childhood will be holding an open meeting for artists and professionals from the cultural, educational, health and social industries with a wide programme full of lectures, debates and workshops by leading theatre figures. A bright chance to throw an in-depth look at the current and future panorama of the arts in the (early) childhood.

Experience elPetit’s universe as you never did before —a unique opportunity to discover extraordinary art spaces to meet and share with your peers.

See you there!