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Ten years ago, the IF platform organised a symposium at the Institut del Teatre which posed questions about the reality of everything around us: What if all out certainties were just an illusion? What if the objects we use on a daily basis were actually manipulating us? Who looks at a theatre more closely: the spectator or the performer?

The stage area, already an illusionist in itself, is super charged during Festival IF with radical games about perception. Monte Isla brings the theatre to life and the Dafa Puppet Theatre converts the true story of artist Karim Shaheen into a live cinema documentary with objects and puppets. The body also becomes something else entirely: Federica Porello subverts her internal and external self, while Javier Martín talks about a body fragmented by speed. The programme also includes performances from Macarena Recuerda, an artist with an immense talent for contorting that which appears to be human but, in reality, could be anything else, and the Doctor Alonso Society with a curative show in which the audience becomes the patient.

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