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Paisatges – Estudi #1

November, 11
Popup - Més informació
  • Recommended age: from 1 to 3

  • Season


  • Duration

    50 minutes

  • Rate

    8 €

  • Schedule

    11 am

  • Room

PAISATGES – Estudi #1 is a participatory show for families with children of 0-3 and 3-5 years of age. It is an open artistic experience based on contemporary dance and live music where the audience is invited to play an active role.

A simple element, masking tape, generates moments of enormous beauty when it meets the infinite universe of the baby, who is amazed by novelty and is invited by the performers to explore and play. Two dancers and a pianist draw playful, intimate and suggestive abstract landscapes through their bodies and music.

The space, the costumes and the staging are inspired by the work of Pablo Palazuelo, and participants who enter the stage can enjoy a space that allows them to be observers and also to discover themselves dancing, playing, building and transforming the space.

Shows by CreaMoviment are the result of a constant research process into materials and the authentic needs of children, which opens new perspectives to the adults who accompany them. Their seemingly simple language is full of nuances distilled from CreaMoviment’s daily practice.

Original idea Cristina Martí Ninot / Director Toni Viñals Matas / Choreographers Teresa García-Valenzuela and Cristina Martí Ninot / Performers Itzíar Barriobero Ortiz, Teresa García-Valenzuela, Cristina Martí Ninot / Musical selection Marc García-Rami / Piano Marc García-Rami, Juan Diego Fidalgo Ortiz, Paul Perera Arguedas / Costume design and making Marta Porta Sánchez / Lighting design Sylvia Kuchinow / Technician David Sales Miralles / Photography Marc Fisa Gasol / Video Marc Fisa Gasol i Tristán Pérez-Martín / Production Cristina Martí Ninot / Distribution Fani Benages / With the support The Creamoviment Team
Coproduction Mercat de les Flors / With the collaboration Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera, Santa Coloma De Queralt City Council / With the support Barcelona City Council