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Hacia un sol negro

March, 1 to 3
Popup - Més informació
  • Joaquín Collado is associated artist 2023-24


    March 2, with Joaquín Collado (director and performer), Oriol López and Carolina Campos (dramaturgy and choreography assistants)

This solo performance takes as its inspiration the exploration of the performativity of competitive ballroom dancing, known as sports dancing. Joaquin Collado studies how to alter the logics of this type of dance to bring forth a multiple and indeterminate body that is, as a result, open and available to be imagined. This body dances between recognisable forms of ballroom dance and unclassifiable, monstrous and poetic forms, to invoke the subversive power from the stereotypes that inhabit us. We will journey with Collado as an associate artist with the Mercat de les Flors, with various derivatives of his project that we will be presenting during the season.

Joaquín Collado is a choreographer, dancer and pedagogue, self-taught in ballroom, urban and contemporary dance. His work has been presented at venues such as the Grec festival in Barcelona, the Dansa València festival, the Venice Biennale, the Temporada Alta festival in Girona and the Danza Metropolitana festival. In addition to his own projects, he also collaborates with Ça marche, a theatre company in Barcelona, and directs Paisaje, a dance festival in his hometown of Villamalea, in Albacete.

Direction and performance  Joaquín Collado / Dramaturgic and choreographic accompaniment Oriol López, Carolina Campos / Costume Carmen Triñanes / Sound Bastien Raute / Sports dance trainer Guillem Pascal / External eye Nico Jongen / Light Iván Cascón /  Coordination and production Laura Viñals
Coproduction Mercat de les Flors / With the support Théâtre de Vanves – festival ArdDanthé, CCN Grenoble, Graner fàbrica de creació de Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, La Briqueterie CDCN Vitry-sur-seine, L’Usine de Toulouse, Tenerife LAV, Nau Ivanow, RocaUmbert – centre de creació de dansa i teatre de Barcelona, festival Dansa València, sala La Mutant de València, within the framework of Graners de Creació de València; ICEC – Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals

The activities around this creation are supported by Fundació Banc Sabadell FBS