En Residencia

May 3

Constanza Brnčić at IES JOSEP COMAS I SOLÀ EN RESIDÈNCIA: Un show más

Free entrance to the 18.30h show with pre-booking at publics@mercatflors.cat




“Today when I got up out I’ve heard the alarm, the sound of the kitchen, the water, my mother saying “goodbye, I’m going to work”, the sound of messages and calls, I’ve heard the subway , people talking, people discussing, the professor giving us encouragement to leave laziness, my best friend talking to me, people asking me things, the sound of drinking water, the sound of when the juice container is opened,  the sound of television, the music of the headphones, the sound of walking, jumps, laughter. ”


Un show más is an intimate portrait of these youngsters, schoolmates, who share with the audience their way of positioning, moving, their daily perceptions, their preferences and their tastes, what they see and what they like to look at. A delicate and powerful creation based on the landscapes that surround them during the day and in the deepest night.

Performers-creators Zaida Sánchez Barquero, Mansoor Asam Zaman, Marïam Aït, Waqar Mohammad, Jesffryes Lagos Hernández, Richard Ferreras Rodríguez, Laura Peralta Olivarez, Natalia Donaire Collado, Kimberly Nahomi Abreu Santiago, Carlos Mendoza Gómez, Gian Carlo Bayuelo Gil, Isma Noor, Carlos Nicolae, Yeirelis Morillo Fernández
Professors Marian Rivero López, Ruth Pleguezuelo
Choreography and stage direction Constanza Brnčić
Lighting Beatriz González Magadán i Constanza  Brnčić
Sound and mixing Carlos Gómez
Acknowledgments Jordi Estudis, Nuno Rebelo

“Creadors EN RESIDÈNCIA als instituts de Barcelona” is a program of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and of the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, designed in cooperation with the associationA Bao A Qu. EN RESIDÈNCIA introduces contemporary creation in the public high schools of the city, through the direct and continuous contact of a creator with the students. More information about EN RESIDÈNCIA Program here.


Useful information

Season: 2018-2019

May 3

12h / 18.30h (funció de la tarda oberta al públic general)

Sala PB

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