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Una hora abans (one hour before) 20224-2025

One of the classic programmes of the Mercat to accompany the public before entering the theatre, without spoilers

“One hour before”, it is one of the Mercat’s classic (guaranteed spoiler-free) programmes for accompanying spectators before they enter the auditorium. A quiet, informed space, with the participation of professionals, dancers, choreographers and theorists who reveal key concepts and references about the performance and the artist.

For the fourth season running, we offer a live streaming by our YouTube channel for those people who cannot attend in person.

A programme coordinated by BdDansa_ExplicaDansa, with the collaboration of Clàudia Brufau.

On te season 24-25 we will have: Jan Martens; Marco d’Agostin, (La Horde) – Ballet National de Marseille, Improvável Produçoes, Quim Bigas, Ayelen Parolin, sobre el cicle Radical d’Arrel, Manuel Liñán and Marta Izquierdo. 

Several spaces. Free activity showing the ticket. Limited capacity