Thursday 24th November



En Construcción 1 was commissioned by La Porta for the fifth Nits Salvatges festival. Four years later En Construcción 2 emerged from the end of that experimental piece (which was constructed live with ten people from among the public).

So the starting point is a typical scene from a comedy of errors, which was created using different stereotypes pertaining to the genre. The characters interact, cross paths and exchange objects and phrases in the midst of a tragicomic disaster where the main conflict takes place, as well as a series of small subplots.

En Construcción 2 is the process by which a realistic theatrical situation becomes pure choreography, pure music; visual music that occupies a physical space – a musical image.

The procedure of constructing, reconstructing and deconstructing, and intervening onstage over and over again makes up the piece, thus blurring the barriers between process and show. The performers are totally dependent on each other and listening to this network of dependence and collaboration is the key to the success of the mechanism.

The main thing is to make a journey. A journey implies a route, in other words a space measured in time, but in this case the journey also entails discovery, not so much through ideas but through the experience. It doesn’t matter whether the idea is simple if the experience of this idea stirs up unknown emotions.

Personal presentation
Soy lo que se suele denominar  “artista independiente”, aunque mi trabajo depende de muchas cosas. Aun así me siento bastante libre. Tengo la sensación de que hago lo que deseo hacer, y esto es un privilegio por el que doy gracias al universo cada día.

Reviso mi trayectoria y encuentro con facilidad cuales son mis lugares recurrentes, en la forma y en el tema:

Estructuras matemático-musicales,
los desastres de la relación de pareja en particular y de la comunicación humana en general,
el juego de azar, de errar, de repetir, de combinar, de permutar, de sudar,
los clichés de la cultura popular,
la canción,
los papelitos-tarjetitas- post-it- postales,
la manta-cojín-guitarra-silla,
las soluciones atecnológicas,
lo autobiográfico caricaturizado,
el humor,
el amor.

Amalia Fernandez has created the piece En Construcción 2 in a process of residence with Pepon Prades Oriol William, Joan Sureda, Rosa Vicente, Irene Garcia, Albert Bassas, Javier Carcel Hidalgo-Saavedra, Carmen Gomez, Júlia Bertran, Magdalena Brezzo, Pere Jou Santa Cruz, Erika Jimenez and Javier Guerrero.




Useful information

Season: 2016-2017

Thursday 24th November


Sala MAC


Running time: 120 minutes




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