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KEBO (Mapa de la pell d’un cos)

May, 25 to 26
Popup - Més informació
  • May 25, introductory session to the piece UNA HORA ABANS with Vero Cendoya (performer, coreographer and illustrator), Adele Madau (performer and live music) and Jem Prenafeta (performer).

    Lead by Clàudia Brufau (Activity coordinated by BdDansa_Explicadansa).


  • Season


  • Duration

    69 minutes

  • Rate

    18 €



  • Schedule

    20 h (Sunday 18 h)

  • Room


This work takes as its title from the name of the brush used in the Japanese technique kintsugi, which is the repair of cracks in ceramic pieces using a resin varnish sprinkled or mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. The piece address the idea that breakages and repairs are part of an object’s history and should be shown rather than hidden. Old parts repaired using this method are more valuable than parts that have never broken. Vero Cendoya uses this concept to showcase the value of bodies with scars, wounded, because they have a lot to say.

Vero Cendoya combines her career as a performer, teacher, illustrator and choreographer. In 2008 she created her own dance-theatre company. She has developed both personal projects and collaborations with national and international professionals from different disciplines, such as theatre, painting, transformism, music, poetry and football, focusing especially on social issues: projects on breast cancer, autism, patricide, social inclusion… Her works have been performed in various festivals and theatres around the world. In the last few years she has combined artistic and social projects that work with people with intellectual diversity and vulnerable groups.

Idea and direction Vero Cendoya / Dramaturgy Vero Cendoya, Isra Solà / Assistant movement Bárbara Meneses / Live music Adele Madau / Performers and creation Aran Vázquez, Antoine Normand, Carla Ramos, Jem Prenafeta, Adele Madau, Hannah Zwaans, Luciana Croatto / Direction assistant Bàrbara Meneses / Costume Pau Aulí / Costume assistant Raquel Ibort / Scenography design Albert Ventura / Photos Kiku Pinyol / Lighting design Cube.bz / Voiceover Marta Marco / Artistic residency Espai de Marge and CLAPS Lombardia / Distribution Jaume Prenafeta / Production Lídia Serrat / Administration Joan Fabregat / Trainee Elisa Garza 
Cia Vero Cendoya, Mercat de les Flors, El Canal – Salt i Circuito CLAPS Specttacolo Dal Vivo


This show is programmed within the framework of Europe Beyond Access II, a European project co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union of which the Mercat de les Flors is a partner.