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Framing Time

October 8-10
  • Durada

    60 minutes

  • Tarifa

    18 €



  • Horari

    20 h (dg 18 h)

  • Espai

In this piece premiered in New York in 2018, Cesc Gelabert uses his body and enigmatic movements to explore the minimalist music of Morton Feldman, which is performed by Pedja Muzijevic on piano and which plays with the magic of the lighting designed by Burke Brown.

Choreography Cesc Gelabert / Music Morton Feldman Triadic Memories / Lighting and set design Burke Brown / Costume design Lydia Azzopardi / Performer Cesc Gelabert / Pianist Pedja Muzijevic
This work was created during a residency at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity in 2014 and another at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in 2016. In addition, in 2018 it also received the collaboration and support of the La Bòbila del Hospitalet cultural center.
The use of the work Triadic Memories, by Morton Feldman, has been possible thanks to an agreement with the European American Music Distribution Company, agent in the United States and Canada of Universal Edition (Vienna), publisher and owner of the corresponding copyright.
A proyect by Baryshnikov Productions
Executive producer Mikhail Baryshnikov / General manager Huong Hoang / Production manager Pamela Rapp / Stage manager Dathan Manning / Woodworking manager Christian Serrano
Framing Time is commissioned and produced by Baryshnikov Productions. Collaboration in Barcelona through Rial & Eshelman. Special thanks to Austin Rial and Gema Rollon.

This show is part of DOPODO, a European project to support dance in mature ages, as well as to support its transmission

Dance On, Pass On, Dream On

Introductory session to the show ‘ONE HOUR BEFORE’: October 9 by Joaquim Noguero (journalist) and Lydia Azzopardi (Gelabert-Azzopardi). register here