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Cavalo do Cão

February 16 and 17
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    12 €



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    20 h

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In Brazilian Portuguese, cavalo do cão (dog horse) is an expression that refers to different things: an insect whose sting causes excruciating pain, a person who is indomitable and the horse ridden by the devil. The term suggests a kind of animality in the process of transformation. In this solo, João Lima brings into play different relationships between voice and movement, verbal and choreographic language. Cavalo do cão is the search for a scenic answer to a contemporary question: in order to understand the present, we must reflect on the great historical framework of modernity: colonialism and its present-day repercussions.

João Lima (Brazil, 1980) is a performer, choreographer and educator in a number of artistic organizations. He studied at the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation’s Actor Training Course and received his bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). During his career, he has also been artistic director of ArticulaçõesForo de Artes Escénicas, held in Recife in 2009 and 2014, and has taught in several organizations and dance schools. He is currently teaching artist in the “Temps d’art” project.

Artistic direction and performance João Lima / Scenography Clara Sáez / Sound design Miquel Casaponsa / Design lights Ivan Cascon / Choreographic assistance Cecilia Colacrai / Exterior view Amaranta Velarde / Photos and video Tristán Peréz-Martín / Teaser Michelle Kynast  / Clothing support Aurora Portillo
Production Urra! / Residences La Caldera, La Visiva i Centre Cívic Barceloneta / With the support Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Post-function talk: Thursday, February 16 with Roberto Fratini (playwright and dance theory teacher)

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