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January, 16 to 18
  • Season


  • Rate

    16 €



  • Schedule

    20 h (dg 18 h)

  • Room

Two solos that can be seen in sequence, in which the main theme is the passage of time, the loss of the beloved, the figure of the father, and the desire to live. We also present an improvisation session, La música del teu nom, a tribute to the late Joan Saura, with musician-friends Agustí Fernández, Liba Villavecchia and Nuno Rebelo.

Andrés Corchero, Catalan National Dance Prize 2003, has long professional experience with Butoh dance, as well as in improvisation, accompanied by musicians such as Joan Saura and Agustí Fernández. He has also created numerous choreographies, many of them with his company Raravis (with Rosa Muñoz) and has worked with many artists.

Scenic composiction and dance Andrés Corchero / Special collaboration Rita Corchero Pérez / Assistant composition Ana Pérez /Light Llorenç Parra / Costumes Caterina Pérez / Advice scenic space Miquel Ruiz / Photos Pep Daudé / Executive production and management Fani Benages
Production Andrés Corchero / With the collaboration l’Animal a l’Esquena, l’Estruch fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu

Saturday, January 18: One Hour Before, Introduction season to the show