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GN | MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos

Tarannà. A solo by Maria Campos

February 23 and 24
  • Season


  • Rate

    12 € ( under 14 years 8 €). Ckeck season pack for families

  • Schedule

    dissabte 18 h, diumenge 12 h

  • Room

Tarannà is a solo work around the concept of “transformation” through the object, space and body. The yellowish jute fabric resembles silk cocoon which holds one of the most dramatic moments of metamorphosis. The transformation is seen as a drastic but subtle process, leading from one state into another and it is throughout this process of reorganization and deformation that culminates in the formation of the imago. A game and a series of images where you are invited to follow the thread of magic and let go your imagination.

Since 2006, Maria Campos has been creating works with Guy Nader. Their joint venture GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos has been invited to produce pieces for various European companies such as EnKnapGroup in Slovenia and Tanzmainz in Germany, a country where they received the DER FAUST prize in 2017.

Creation and performing Maria Campos / Soundscape Miguel Marin, GN|MC / Advice and dramaturgy Guy Nader / Light design Lidia Ayala / Costumes Anna Ribera / Machinist Yucef Zraiby / Photo Alfred Mauve
Production Raqscene, GN|MC / Coproduction Mercat de les Flors / Creation in Graner fàbrica de creació, L’Estruch de l’Ajuntament de Sabadell, Institut del Teatre de Vic, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, tragantDansa

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