8th and 9th November

HELENA FRANZÉN Slipping through my Fingers



The Swedish choreographer Helena Franzén bases her work on movement, especially on the details of movement, together with the intelligence and poetry of the body. In her new creation, Slipping Through My Fingers, Franzén is inspired by Gus Van Sant’s movie Gerry, which describes how two friends fight for survival in circumstances full of physical challenges.

The matter of a specific situation that takes an unexpected turn is recurrent in the work of Helena Franzén, who constantly tests the movements and opens them up to new perspectives. Furthermore, the dancers have to deal with constraints and rules in her choreographies. Slipping Through My Fingers is a piece for five dancers on a minimum-sized stage. The dancers in the work transmit great personal presence and have participated as creators during the entire process. Franzén counted on composer Jukka Rintamäki for this work and they both invited the musician Johan Skugge to participate in the composition alongside Rintamäki, and also to play live onstage.

Helena Franzén is a key figure on the Swedish contemporary dance scene. She has long experience as a dancer and choreographer and has created works for the Göteborg Ballet, the Skånes Dansteater, the Norrdans company, the Danish company DDT and the Royal Copenhagen Opera, among others. Her choreographies transform everything that is familiar to us and lead the audience into new and unexplored territory. In 2011 se won the dance prize of the Swedish Theatre Critics Association for her work. She also works as a teacher in both Sweden and other countries.


Choreography Helena Franzén
Music Jukka Rintamäki, Johan Skugge
Dancers Katarina Eriksson, Helena Franzén, Aleksandra Sende, Elisaveta Penkova, Moa Westerlund
Costume design Katarina Wiklund
Lighting design Markus Granqvist
Executive production Birgit Lindholm
Dansens Hus (Stockholm)

Premiered on the main stage at the Dansens Hus (Stockholm) on 28 September 2012.

The production Slipping Through My Fingers is part of the 2012-2013 Modul-Dance project. Helena Franzén has completed a research residency at the Duncan Dance Centre in Athens and a residency with all her team at the DeVir/CAPa centre. The Stockholm Dansens Hus produced and presented the piece.




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Season: 2012-2013

8th and 9th November


Sala OM




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