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Sin baile no hay paraíso. My own Dance History

From 10 to 12 April
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    20:30h / dg 18h

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This show is a choreographic collage of four iconic solos, implanted in the body of a single dancer who performs from part of the collective memory of dance: Maia Plissétskaia’s The Dying Swan; Singing in the rain, Gene Kelly’s solo; You should be dancing from Saturday night fever, danced by John Travolta; and Fase, by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Michele Anne de Mey from the Rosas company.

The presentation and repetition of these iconic pieces is complemented by some spoken scenes where the performer, through playback, seems to address the public in different situations. These texts are extracted in part from the audio tracks of YouTube videos in which amateur dancers discuss their way of life and their understanding of dance. Furthermore, in a personal monologue the performer explains his dreams, his problems and his vision of dance since he became a professional.

Pere Faura (1980) began his artistic career in the field of music, studying flute and singing. He later studied theatre at the Institut de Teatre in Barcelona, and also ballet and contemporary dance. In 2002 he enrolled at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, graduating in 2006 with the piece this is a picture of a person I don’t know, which won a prize at the ITS Festival and was selected for the Dansclick Holland Tour. It has been performed twenty-seven times in Holland.

In 2007 he was appointed resident choreographer at the Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam, where he created shows that express his fascination for the use of pop culture and collective memory as choreographic tools to enrich and facilitate collective theatrical experience. In 2011 he returned to Barcelona, where he continues to work.

Direction and performance Pere Faura
Performance texts Pere Faura, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Sahraardah
Visual scenography Desilence studio
Lighting and technical design Israel Quintero
Set Jordi Queralt

Co-production Mercat de les Flors, Graner Art Factory, La Comédie de Valence, CDN drôme-ardèche, Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera
With the support of La Poderosa, L’Estruch – Live Art Factory in Sabadell
Premiered 23-24 May 2014, Festival Ambivalence(s), Valence, France

We have reserved seats for people who use wheelchairs. Please, contact us at publics@mercatflors.cat so we can guarantee good care