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Session 4 IRREGULAR SECTION: A. Piña & D. Zimmerman / J. Domínguez, R. Lamata and J. Vallaure

March 27


Time: 20:30
Length: 11 minutes

Go and talk to your government is a short film by Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann about the foundation of the Austrian Ministry for Movement Affairs (BmfB). Inspired by interviews with leaders of indigenous peoples in South America and the advice of a member of the Awajun tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, nadaproductions saw the need to open a new ministry in Austria, devoted exclusively to movement affairs. After intense negotiations with the government nadaproductions international managed to institute the first Ministry for Movement Affairs in world history. The current structure of the Ministry has existed since 8 June 2009. It is responsible for supporting, overseeing and protecting the existence of the free movement of bodies in space and also for supporting initiatives that promote the transformation of coded patterns of movement in society. The main task of the Ministry is to promote the intrinsic potential of movement as a means of expanding consciousness.


Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann have been working together since 2005. Their projects focus on issues related to the public’s response and perception, creating performance concepts that integrate the audience in new forms of participation. Under the name nadaproductions they create pieces in the contexts of contemporary dance, the visual arts, performance and film. Their work has been presented at various theatres in Europe and South America, as well as at art galleries, museums and dance festivals such as Danza al Borde (Valparaíso, Chile), European Tanz Platform (Mousonturm in Frankfurt), ImPulsTanz (Vienna International Dance Festival), Choreographic Platform (Austria) and at the Royal Festival Hall in London, among other venues. In 2009 they founded the art and performance gallery na daLokal in Vienna.

Information about the show

Written and directed by Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann
In collaboration with
Meinhard Rauchensteiner
Cinematography Andreas Kreimaier, Amanda Piña, Daniel Zimmermann
Editing Daniel Zimmermann
Music Christian Dergarabedian
Sound design Daniel Fritz
Colour correction Andi Winter
Subtitles Magdalena Schlesinger, Amanda Piña
Translation Axel Fussï
Graphic design Thomas Rhyner
Production Angela Vadori, Daniel Zimmermann

Cast Wahiné Tobua (the Yanomami shaman), Amhe Ebú (the Emawene-Nawe hunter), Julian Ukuncham Yampis (musician) Awajun, Dr Heinz Fischer (President of the Republic of Austria), Mag. Meinhard Rauchensteiner (Advisor to the President of Austria on Science, Art and Culture), Peter Pakesch (curator and director of the Kunsthaus Museum, Graz), Armin Engl (university lecturer), Heinz Hufnagl (Austrian politician), Walter Heun (artistic director of the Tanzquartier Wien), Franz Alexejew (graphic designer), Jürgen Weishäupl (cultural administrator)

Direction Mag. Alexander Götz (financial administrator of the Josefstadt theatre, Dr Sabine Haag (director general of the Museum of Art History in Vienna), Sigrid Gareis (dance curator and ex director of the Tanzquartier Wien), Dr. Christian Brandstätter (editor), Amanda Piña (choreographer) and Daniel Zimmermann (visual artist)

Languages Yanomami, Emawene-Nawe, Jíbaro, German
Subtitles in
Produced in 2012
Production nadaproductions (AT) & dz-productions (CH)
Distribution nadaproductions (AT) & dz-productions (CH)

Producing countries Austria and Switzerland
With the support of Ma7 Bmukk, Tanzquartier Wien, Koproduktionshaus Brut Wien, Comisión Nacional del Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas de México
Thanks to the Österreichische Präsidentschaftskanzlei (President’s Office – Republic of Austria), Survival International, Bernhard Braunstein, Sigrid Garais, Wolfgang Haas, Gerald Kerkletz and Ewa Stern


Time: 21:00
Length: 60 minutes

The person is a character forged in the past who has learnt to multiply himself [mg1] to create many other characters who interact with the present situation. We live with the body, not with words, and the body is forced to attempt what it’s incapable of doing: it babbles, stumbles, repeats itself … The body distorts itself like looking for different positions when asleep, then resorting to laughter. Doing nothing doesn’t change you, but it’s a sign. Doing nothing hardly changes anything but it does form part of the construction of the present. Everything that happens matters, even if it doesn’t matter to us. In the face of the weather the will is insignificant. You cannot change the direction of the wind. However, intuition and experience help you know when to put on gumboots or sunglasses. Underlying the character there’s a person with the same face as the character. Who creates the character? The created apparition lives in a parallel reality. By the way, where do you live?


Juan Dominguez is a performer, choreographer, stage director and programmer. His work involves the situation, presentation, representation and generation of contexts. It also draws on questions about the theatrical medium. Relating different codes, his pieces propose the dissolution of the boundaries between fiction and reality. At the moment he is focussing on the intersection of different sensitivities and the question of how to radicalize the need for creation and the documentation of the impact and implications of the choreography.

The work of Rafael Lamata and Jaime Vallaure (Los Torreznos) is geared towards research and expressive experimentation through simple forms such as gestures, language and presence. Their work is presented in various formats, both directly (performance and action art) and using multimedia (video, audio tracks).

Information about the show

Concept, performance and production Juan Domínguez, Rafael Lamata and Jaime Vallaure.
Co-produced by the Festival BAD, Bilbao, and supported by Los Teatros del Canal de la Comunidad de Madrid