27 February

VICENTE VÁZQUEZ AND USUE ARRIETA & JORDI GALÍ Session 3 IRREGULAR SECTION: Vicente Vázquez and Usue Arrieta & Jordi Galí

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Time: 20:30
Length: 30 minutes

“Last summer we used our webcams to record the practices of groups that follow the rules of a same system, moving ‘from top to bottom and bottom to top’ (goitik behera, behetik gora), to organize games in the Basque Country. This logic leads to a chain of nine sequences, where industrial capacities become sensitive worlds, like the misunderstood survivor of a decrepit state. The collection of images reflects on the capture device in a double chain of fragments in movement where radio-controlled flying machines, homebuilt vehicles and recording equipment assemble images of the landscape through their possibilities of movement.”

Vicente Vázquez and Usue Arrieta


Vicente Vázquez (Galicia, 1976) and Usue Arrieta (Basque Country, 1979) have been working together since they met ten years ago at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. Together they have developed a multidisciplinary body of work that focuses on exercises aimed at the redefinition of social spaces. They understand their practice as a way of researching and experimenting with the possibilities of collective experience and phenomena. Their work, whether in film sequences, text, slideshows, or using other spatiotemporal devices, attempts to reformulate a present social image.


Sin título, 2005
Postas sanitarias
, 2006
Vigilante de incendios
, 2006
Vigilante de seguridad
, 2006
El enemigo
, 2009
, 2011
Goitik behera, behetik gora
, 2012

Information about the show

Production, direction, script, editing and cinematography Vicente Vázquez and Usue Arrieta
Field sound Ainara Elgoibar
Sound post-production Javi Álvarez
Translations and subtitles Usue Arrieta and Ainara Elgoibar
Executive production X Films, Punto de Vista Festival Internacional de Documental de Navarra and INAAC, Instituto Navarro de Artes Audiovisuales y Cinematografía

Filmed in the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarra

Cast Lander Muniozguren, Ager Iturbe, Andoni Odriozola, Jurdan Zubikarai, Unai Paniagua, Javier San Ginés, Kokin Gutiérrez, Aitor Zabaleta, Jokin Abaitua, Koldo Muniz, Anderson Elorriaga, Imanol Vega, Iraitz Odiaga, Iñigo Aramburu, Urko, Juan José Escribano, Andoni Larabeiti, Roke Alberdi, Koldo Betanzos, Unai Martín, Iroitz Urriolaeitia, Iker Aransolo, Paul Goitisolo, Iker Arrien, Mikel Campo, Julen Basterriak, Joshua Rivas, Iskander, Beñat Azkazarai, Iker Zarate, Iban y Jon Naberan, Antxon Irigoras, Gorka Bernales, Maruri Borja, Aitor Elejaga, Johnny Serrano, Asier Leizea, Andoni Odriozola, Jurdan Zubikarai, Roberto Irigoyen, David Díaz de Rada, Javier Díaz de Rada, Eduardo Mendiburu, Oskar Goñi Buldain, Jon Astui, Juan Ramón Muhica “Parisi”, Jagoba Ramos, Madi Gutiérrez, Iñigo Serna, Kepa Urionabarrenetxea, Ibon Agirre, Irene Zenitagoia, Álvaro Sarriguren, Arturo Sarriguren, Iñigo Periáñez, Jose Luis Luri, Benito Basterrechea, Ramiro García, Luís Lorite, Diego León, Xavier León, Luis León, Angel Irurzun, José Luis San Agustine, Valentín Gómez, Angel Irurzun, Paus and Ernesto Francisco Morales

JORDI GALÍ presents T

Time: 21:00
Length: 35 minutes

The dance in T draws closer to the work of construction, fuses with it, with the gesture of the craftsman, the builder, the sculptor, but remains a dance.

An assembly line has been created to produce the “music” accompanying the show; it contains weights and counterweights that trigger the acoustics of the bicycle wheels, and a great pendulum that makes a small plastic cup “sing”; in short, like a large clock made of miscellaneous pieces that accompany the action and mark out its sequences.

Centre-stage we find beams, stepladders, tyres and pieces of wood. An impossible construction emerges out of the need to adjust the delicate balances. All these objects are the tools of the body that manipulates them while poised on top of this same construction –ultimately achieving a final impossible equilibrium, suspended movement, the right distribution of weight and counterweight.


Jordi Galí trained in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.

He also studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona (UB). He has performed with the company Maguy Marin (Lyon, France), in White Star by Lies Pawels at the Theater Victoria (Gent, Belgium), with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s company Rosas (Brussels, Belgium), Wim Vandekeybus’s company Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium) and Emilio Gutiérrez’s company Projecte Gallina (Barcelona).

He won an Honorary Award for the best actor at the Kontakt International Theatre Festival in Torun (Poland), for his role in the piece White Star (2005) and the Best Dancer’s Award at the Madrid Choreographic Competition (1998).

In 2001 he began to produce his own pieces, which include Abscisse, Ciel and T.

Information about the show

Creation and performance: Jordi Galí

Premiered in October 2008 at CCN Rillieux-la-Pape (Lyon, France)

Co-productions: Association Arrangement Provisoire, CCN Rillieux-la-Pape / Maguy Marin Company (Lyon, France), Ramdam (Lyon, France), L’Animal a l’Esquena (Girona)

Concurrent activities

JOAN MIRÓ FOUNDATION 21 February, 19:30

Conversation with Jordi Galí and Quim Hill on the validity of performance practices within the context of the exhibition Explosion!



Useful information

Season: 2012-2013

27 February

Sala PB



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