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Session 1 IRREGULAR SECTION: ‘Monique’ / ‘Performance for a seated audience’

October 16 & 17
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‘Monique’, by ALIX EYNAUDI

For Monique, the choreographer Alix Eynaudi was inspired by bondage. Together with Mark Lorimer she stages ‘soft torture’ techniques: pinching, dragging, pulling, carrying … They work and feel and pretend to feel. The costumes serve as a backdrop, they are inhabited and sometimes also begin to dance. Monique becomes a dance full of touch, manipulation and direct contact, but also full of care and attention.

Alix Eynaudi studied ballet at the Paris Opera and at PARTS. From 1996 to 2002 she danced with Rosas. She has created works of her own, such as Crystall (2005, in collaboration with Alice Chauchat), Supernaturel (2007) and Long Long Short Long Short (2008, together with Agata Maszkiewicz). As a performer she also appeared with Superamas, Kris Verdonck and Anne Juren. Monique is a continuation of her research into fields that have influenced her practice as a performer and choreographer. In it she transposes therapies for the body and the psyche into performance.

Choreography Alix Eynaudi
Performers Alix Eynaudi, Mark Lorimer (or Clinton Stringer)
Custom design An Breugelmans
Contributors Lars Kwakkenbos, Karen Lambæk, Jean-Luc Plouvier, Bruno Pocheron, Herman Venderickx, Kris Verdonck
Photography Alexander Meeus
Disseny del llibret Compagnie Paul Verrept

Produced Margarita Production for the Other vzw
Coproduced Kaaitheater, Tanzquartier Wien, Buda, Workspace Brussels
With the support Pianofabriek, Wp Zimmer, Vooruit, the Flemish authorities & the network DEPARTS – the Culture Program of the European Commission
Thanks to Maîtresse Athena i Monique

Performance for a seated audience‘, by ANDREA MAURER / THOMAS BRANDSTÄTTER

Nails and wooden slats become chairs to sit on with the aid of a hammer. The audience no longer has to stand up: every half hour someone else can sit down and observe how easily the mechanisms of production and market can be avoided and, finally, find some rest … not, however, without having realised we are all caught up in the capitalist chaos, with no means of escape.

Andrea Maurer and Thomas Brandstätter have collaborated as studio 5 since 2007. They work though performances, installations, videos, animated films and using paper and texts. The pieces The End (2010), Performance for a seated audience (2009) and Meaning meaning (2012) have been staged internationally.

Concept and performance Andrea Maurer, Thomas Brandstätter