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Se dissoudre

October 22

To slowly dissolve. Not disappear but to be added to, to multiply and amalgamate, like sugar in a cup of tea. Where time expands, the consistency of the hours is so light, caught between a bygone past and an uncertain future. Delicately, the dancer Marie-Philippe Santerre follows an unknown trajectory, finely chiseled, composed of contrasts and modulations, repetitions and pulsations. Like the stem of a plant that shoots up in spurts, spinning round several times on its way to maturity. The dancer is reconciled to waiting, noting the benefits, cognizant of her own transformation. Face to face with herself, solidly anchored, once the noise dies down she contains the essentials. She is raw potential, a wealth of possibilities. Se dissoudre is a space where solitude reveals what remains when everything is on hold.

Catherine Gaudet began her dance career working for various choreographers before turning her attention to her own choreographic research in 2004. Her works have been presented in Québec, France, Denmark and Belgium. Catherine Gaudet completed both her bachelor’s degree and her masters in contemporary dance at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She is among the creative minds behind the new Centre de creation O Vertigo, together with Mélanie Demers, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Ginette Laurin. She is an associate creator at Daniel Léveillé Danse (DLD) since February 2018, and receives its development and touring support. Catherine Gaudet is a founding member and co-director of Lorganisme and she is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

A creation by Catherine Gaudet / Performers at creation Marie-Philippe Santerre / Music Antoine Berthiaume / Assistant dramaturge and rehearsal director Sophie Michaud / Lighting design Alexandre Pilon-Guay / Costume design Justine Bernier-Blanchette / Production manager François Marceau
Production Compagnie Catherine Gaudet / Executive producer DLD – Daniel Léveillé Danse / Co-production Agora de la danse (Montreal) / Creative Residencies Agora de la danse (Montreal); Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal (Montreal) / With the support Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec / Development DLD – Daniel Léveillé Danse
Catherine Gaudet is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (Montreal)