Extended until January 10th

BÁRBARA PINTO GIMENO (CHL) SÂLMON<. Sin Título (Untitled Exhibition)


Two works integrate the Untitled exhibition: a series of pictures and a video screening. Both works show an interest in experimenting with other supports in the production of dance works for theatres, paying always attention to both the still body and the body in motion. The works, that take place in Santiago de Chile, reflect on the verticality and horizontality of the city, and on how the artist penetrates in this space through exceptional actions that to a certain extent represent a premeditated crack in the expected order. Nonetheless, the works focus on temporality-related questions and on the practices that regulate this specific space–such as the act of wandering, for instance–and on how can we open other ways of inhabiting them that are not exclusively subordinated to the idea of productivity.

Chilean choreographer Bárbara Pinto has created various works of dance and has experimented with video and photography. His works have been presented to important festivals in Chile such as Santiago a Mil, Danzalborde and Días de Danza, among others, and to the international FIDCU festival in Montevideo.

SIN TÍTULO I (Untitled I) Pictures Macarena Silva, Paulina Vielma
SIN TÍTULO II (Untitled I) Conception and direction Bárbara Pinto / Cinematography and edition Eva Vera / Camera operator Gonzalo Rayo / Audio Felipe Inostroza / Second camera operator Jangel Mota



Dialogue with Latin America

Diàleg amb llatinoamericà




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Season: 2015-2016

Extended until January 10th

Foyer of Mercat de les Flors





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