December 5th


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This is a piece about the survival techniques of Sra. Polaroiska en sillón de taller, whose audio-visual work deals with action art and stage and choreographic creation. Their work is based on the search for other spaces and languages in which the body, and its relation to the space it is placed within, is always the main character. They escape conventional narrative structures and obscure concepts to the spectator.

The works by Sra. Polaroiska are intendedly ambiguous and play with the roles associated to the body, destabilizing the look of the observer and forcing the spectator to take up a stance on what he or she is seeing. The spectator is submerged in the space they have created, an open space with as many possible interpretations as spectators looking at what is happening on the screen.

Creation and direction Sra Polaroiska / Performers Alaitz Arenzana, Maria Ibarretxe, Natxo Montero, Myriam Petralanda / Lights design Gabo Punzo / Production and management MOM El Vivero/ Production Sra Polaroiska / Funded by Departamento de Cultura del Gobierno Vasco / Joint production Azkuna Zentroa – Alhóndiga Bilbao / Residency Graner fàbrica de creació, Muelle 3 y Azala Espacio de Creación / Acknowledgements Bilbao Eszena, Elssie Ansareo, Beatriz Barriola, Garikoitz Fraga, Tasun Ginés, Elvira, David Marquez and Martín de La Leona, Itziar Markiegi, Magmadam

Network Creation
Creació en xarxa



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December 5th

At 6PM and 8PM (Limited capacity)

Sala PB - Mercat de les Flors


Running time: 60'



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