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SÂLMON<. Screensaver

Novembre 27 and 28
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    Dijous 20h / divendres 21h

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Screensaver explores the relationship between contemplation and the awareness of being, where though the sensorial facets of symbol and form the visual act becomes an act of faith. The body is allowed to behave like a screensaver, which is activated to transcend itself and attain a new cognitive level, projected towards infinity. The body-screen superimposes itself on the landscape, and as our host it guides us, hinting at itself in the search for balance and harmony.

Manuel Rodríguez was born in Úbeda (Jaen) and studied classical ballet and contemporary dance at the Luis del Río Professional Dance Conservatory in Cordoba and at the Mariemma Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid. He also studied plastic arts at the Escuela de Arte Nº10 in Madrid and has developed his artistic activity auto-didactically through specialities such as photography, video and street art, which give his approach to the performing arts its distinctive style. In 2010, he created his first solo LIMITS, which he performed at various festivals and which won prizes at international competitions such as the international ACT Festival (Bilbao), the Burgos/New York Choreographic Competition and the Unidanza event in Madrid.

Also in 2010, he created Dúo Escuálido Marsupial in partnership with Elías Aguirre, which won second prize at the Choreographic Competition of Madrid. The piece Loser Kings and its short version Fifth Corner, co-directed with Guido Sarli (Umma Umma Dance), won the first prize at the Burgos/New York Choreographic Competition, first prize at the Madrid Choreographic Competition, second prize at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, the award for the best production at the Tanzcompanie Graz Opera Ballet International Choreography Competition in 2013 and a mention of honour at the 17th MasDanza Choreography Competition.

Manuel Rodríguez has worked with various companies and choreographers such as Carmen Werner, Sharon Fridman, Asier Zabaleta, Taiat Dansa, James Thierreé and Marcos Morau, with whom he performs in the company La Veronal. He recently won first prize at the Gdansk International Solo Dance Contest 2014 in Poland with the shorter version of Screensaver.

Concept, choreography, direction and performance Manuel Rodríguez
Photography, video, graphic design and installation Manuel Rodríguez
Music the flamingos and the complexions, oneohtrix point never
With the collaboration of
Graner art factory, Festival Sâlmon European Talents Upstream 2014, CND Compañía Nacional de Danza, Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera, Teatro Victoria in Tenerife, Estudio DDZ Headquarters, Centro de Danza Canal