Thursday 24th November


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A performer works with a set of simple objects that can be found at any theatre venue. Connections emerge while exploring the physical potential of materials through their weight and through gravity. All kinds of relationships are revealed by means of the connectivity linking the body and objects onstage, sometimes buoyant and very delicate, sometimes deep and dramatic. A melting pot of circumstances generates a situation where neither the performer nor the public can be sure of the result of the actions as they unfold. The show is full of surprises, often generated by the objects.

As a research project and as a performance, this show seeks out new possibilities amplified by the choreography, by implicating inanimate materials that are able to take control of some part or all of the situation, rather than being mere lifeless objects manipulated by a human being. The identities of human beings and objects are put to the test and thereby become more fluid.

Personal presentation
I am a choreographer from the Highlands of Scotland. My work often involves working in outdoor or unconventional spaces on my own or with professional or untrained collaborators and performers, young and old. Often experimenting with objects or architectural features, I am interested in the physical potentials and materialities of the human body in isolation or in relation to surrounding environment or other bodies – mechanics, contact and touch. From these investigations, often very playful, I am open to meanings that might emerge. My recent work explores craft and design processes of materials such as glass and wood and finding new choreographic and technological applications. I hope to continue to discuss and compare my practice with others around the world.

Choreographer and performer Robbie Synge / Lighting Brian Gorman / Sound David Maxwell / Assistance to dramaturgy Peggy Olislaegers. Douglas was selected by the Aerowaves 2016 network

Aerowaves - dance across europe




Useful information

Season: 2016-2017

Thursday 24th November

20 h

Sala PB


Running time: 50'


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