Sunday 27 November


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Anarchy is an experiment with order and chaos.

This experiment is obviously very complex and potentially harmful; it might be summed up as “if you want silence you have to work for it”, or “do as you like”. A process of empowerment which is not at all easy. People are tied to their circumstances from the day they are born; they are already dependent from birth on other people for things as vital as food and warmth. Similarly, we (Societat Doctor Alonso) depend on the public and also the theatres and governments to present our projects. This is a form of social interdependence but it doesn’t make us the property of the public, the theatres or our governments. The problem is that governments are there to give orders, to administer and govern our actions. Art is a homogeneous resource permitting experimentation and the reproduction of certain states, certain assumptions. Ultimately, it’s a medium for provocation.

We hope to present this piece in the spirit of live-art, where experimentation is the basic idea, not as an aesthetic course of action but as an essential part of the work, of the business of going to the theatre. The public has the last word; theirs is the noise and the silence. Every action is accountable. Sound is used to show that the absence of sound and the absence of action are also a personal choice.

Personal presentation
Anarchy la fem la Sofia Asencio i en Tomàs Aragay juntament amb la Semolina Tomic I Gabriel Paré?
La Societat Doctor Alonso som La Sofia Asencio i El Tomàs Aragay?
CUBE són Maria de la Cámara i Gabriel Paré?
Semolina Tomic és Semolina Tomic?
Semolina Tomic està a escena i Semolina Tomic dirigeix l’Antic Teatre?
Maria de la Cámara treballa amb Gabriel Paré?
Sofia Asencio viu a Pontós i Tomàs Aragay també viu a Pontós?
Gabriel Paré viu a Agullana?
Maria de la Cámara viu a Can Genís (Agullana)?
Pontós i Agullana estan a l’Empordà?
Semolina Tomic viu a Barcelona? Barcelona? Província de Barcelona?

Анархия сделать София Асенсио и Томас Aragay манную крупу Tomic вместе с Габриэлем и отца. Общество доктор Алонсо София Asencio Thomas And The Aragay, CUBE Мария Камара и Габриэль отец и манная Манная Томич Томич есть. Манная Томич сцена I Манная Томич направляет Старый театр. Мария Камара Габриэль работает с родителями. София Asencio жить в Понта и Томаш Aragay также живут в Понта. Габриэль Паре живет в Агульяна. Мария Камара жизнь может гениев (Агульяна). Понт И Агульяна являются Эмпорда. Манная Томич живут в Барселоне. Барселона, Барселона провинции.

Direction Sofía Asencio / Dramaturgy Tomàs Aragay / Creation and interpretation Semolina Tomic / Light and stage CUBE / Sound design Marc Navarro / Production Imma Bové / Distribution Tomàs Aragay
Festival TNT de Terrassa / With collaboration Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) and the collaboration of the Bàscara Council




Useful information

Season: 2016-2017

Sunday 27 November

13 h i 19:30 h

Sala MAC

12 €

Running time: 60'




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