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Lo quieto del movimiento, by JUANA BELTRAN

Oximoron - Juana Beltran

Length: 6 minutes

Lo quieto del movimiento is an exploratory performance with its own style of movement based on hand-standing techniques. It plays with the multiple possibilities offered by the body using different planes, heights and speeds to merge fluid motion with fixed positions. Accompanied by the music, this piece is bonded together by stillness and movement.

Onstage artist Juana Beltran / Original idea Juana Beltran / Logistic support Jeremías Faganel / Costumes “Las Chinas” Eva Szwarcer

Juana from juana beltran on Vimeo.


Esquerdes, by Cia Hotel iocandi

Oximoron - Cia Hotel iocandi

Length: 15 minutes

Esquerdes is a short story that combines fixed trapeze, ladder balancing and live music though three bodies in movement involved in a game of tug of war between desire and escape.

What remains in the empty space that separates the pieces that do not fit? A man and two women meet. She sings. He climbs. She runs. Any movement can provide an excuse for the game to begin.

Performers Tomeu Amer / Joana Gomila / Griselda Juncà / Original idea Cia. Hotel iocandi / Outside view Joan M. Albinyana

Cia. Hotel iocandi from suvata produccions on Vimeo.


Upside down, by DUO LAOS

Length: 6:15Oximoron-DuoLaos_350x200 minutes / Suitable for all ages over six


Duo Laos, formed by the Argentine acrobats Pablo Raffo and Mercedes Martín García, has received the Special Audience Award of the Zirkolika Circus Prizes of Catalonia 2013. To “Oxímoron” they bring the piece Upside down, in which they deal with harmonies and disharmonies in a topsy-turvy world, and with the everyday contrasts between malleability and intransigence, and vulnerability and power.

These two artists have been performing together since 2004, sharing a passion for hand-to-hand acrobatics with a skilful combination of strength, flexibility and absolute precision.



Useful information

Season: 2013-2014

10:30 pm

Sala MAC


Running time: 45-60'


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