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La partida

23, 24, 25 February
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    20h (dg 18h)

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 This is a football and dance show, inspired by the Italian film L’arbitro, by Paolo Zucca. In La partida Vero Cendoya presents the confrontation between two contrasting worlds, football and dance. This piece, which won the Moritz award for the best show at the 2015 Tàrrega Festival, and the Barcelona Critics’ Award in 2015, reflects on social values and the boundaries between sport and entertainment.

The five dancers in this show face real football players, creating a magical choreography – very physical and delicate at the same time. The soundtrack was written by composer and violinist Adele Madau, who performs it live with a band to give greater impulse to the games being played onstage.

Vero Cendoya studied at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and the Trisha Brown Dance Company of New York, among other centres. She set up her own company in 2008, which has been characterized since its beginnings by collaboration with artists from other disciplines, such as theatre, painting, music and poetry. Not surprisingly, Vero is an illustrator as well. She has also worked as a dancer with companies such as Sol Picó’s and as an actress in theatre plays. Her shows have been staged at theatres and festivals in Spain, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, England, China and Taiwan.

Direction and choreography Vero Cendoya / Music direction Adele Madau / Dancers Xaro Campo, Linn Johanson, Natalia d’Annunzzio, Dory Sánchez, Tina Halford/ Football players Babou Cham, Adrian Nieto, Reynaldo Zerpa, Carlos Molina, Enric Auquer / Referee Jon López / Baby Zoe Molina Johanson/ Musicians Adele Madau (violin), Elena Zanzu (trumpet), Andrea Martínez (trombone), Gràcia Camps (alto sax), Laia Rovira (tenor sax) / With the special collaboration of Blanca Portillo / With texts by Eduardo Galeano / Costumes Kike Palma, Esther Muñoz, Viviane Calvitti,  Myriam Ibañez / Lighting Sylvia Kuchinow / Administration Joan Fabregat / Production Isabel Bonilla Besset / Acknowledgements Blanca Portillo, Rafató Teatre, Anna Sanchez, VARIUM
Co-production Cia. Vero Cendoya, Fira de Teatre de Tàrrega 2015, Graner arts factory, Carovana SMI Association (Cagliari, Italia), ICEC Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals

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Saturday, One Hour Before the performance, session of introduction to the show