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Ice Palace

January 12, 13, 19 and 20
  • Season


  • Duration


  • Tarifa

    12 € ( under 14 years 8 €). Ckeck season pack for families

  • Horari

    Dissabte 18h, diumenge 12h

Ice palace is a thrilling dance performance with live music in which five adventurers travel on an exciting expedition through a frozen universe. They discover the huge power of ice but also its vulnerability. And they realize that these properties are inherent in themselves. During the journey they get to know each other better and better. Gradually they lose the hardness which is ice and they dare to reveal more of themselves. Even when things go wrong, especially then! Ice palace is a magical performance about searching for warmth with each other at icy moments, about daring to be vulnerable and about the enchantment of ice in all its most splendid forms.”

Plan d-, the international theatre company under the artistic leadership of Andreas Denk (choreographer, dancer and set designer) has been creating exciting dance theater for children and their families alike since 2008. His narrative pieces include themes from peoples’ everyday lives. The subjects have a clear message and are identifiable and accessible for a broad range of audiences.

Concept Andreas Denk / Choreography Andreas Denk / Co-regie Klaus Jürgens / Dance Lisa Beese, Elise Manière, Edita Gorski, Nanna Gram Bentsen, Ilija Surla / Animation Bram De Goeij / Music direction Wiebe Gotink / Set design Pink Steenvoorden / Einstein / Andreas Denk /

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