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Floating Flowers

February, 17 and 18
  • Season


  • Duration

    60 minutes

  • Rate

    28 €

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Panorama TAIWAN

Floating Flowers is inspired by a traditional Taiwanese religious celebration that takes place at the Ghost Festival, one of the most beautiful and popular Buddhist ceremonies in the country. Floating lanterns placed on water are meant to worship deities, to send away bad luck, and bring happiness. In Southeast Asian culture, the lanterns are to deliver wishes and pay your respects to the deceased. In Po-Cheng Tsai’s childhood, it was tradition for his father to take him to the festival, lead him to write his wishes on the lanterns, to set them adrift and to watch them flow down the river. Since his father’s passing, Tsai lost faith in the ritual of his childhood, but was inspired to created Floating Flowers to honor his father and free himself from memories that haunted him. Appearing to waft gracefully above water, the dancers are wrapped in vaporous muslins which represent floating lanterns. The choreography is refreshingly positive and optimistic. By combining traditional Asian movements and martial arts with contemporary dance, B.DANCE offers a theatrical, physical, and emotional performance, not without a touch humor!

B.DANCE was founded in 2014 by choreographer and artistic director Po-Cheng Tsai, who was named one of the world’s most promising choreographers by German magazine tanz in both 2017 and 2018.

Choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai / Dancers Ming-Hsuan LIU, Chen-Ning CHANG, Shu-Han YEH, Chieh-Wen LIU, Chien-Chih CHANG, Li-An LO, Ho-Chien CHANG, Yu-Hung WANG / Graphic Designer Johnson Wang / Set & Lighting Designer  Otto Chang / Composer Ming-Chieh Li / Visual Artists Po-Chih Chang & Yon-Yun Deng / Stage Manager Yu-Wen Huang / Assistant Set Designer Pei-Chun Pan
With the support TAIWAN TOP Performing Arts Group, Ministeri de Cultura de Taiwan,  Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris / Production of tour Delta Danse