November 5 & 6

MACARENA RECUERDA SHEPHARD Festival IF Barcelona with Mercat: The Watching Machine

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Recommended age: from 6 to 12 years old

In this solo for all audiences, Macarena Recuerda seeks to transform the space and what we see. The Watching Machine (or zoetrope: a 19th-century device that creates optical illusions) is now the stage area, where the artist uses a series of artefacts that will allow her to play with light, shadows and reflections to reflect on the meaning of illusion, representation and theatrical convention.

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd has been working as a visual and stage artist for 10 years and has created numerous and diverse works, some of them in collaboration with organizations such as Teatre Lliure, Antic Teatre, NEO Festival, Bilbao Arte and Festival Grec, amongst many others. She is a founding member of Colectivo Estraperlo, a platform for new, uncategorizable creators, since 2008.

Original idea Macarena Recuerda / Creation Miriam Ubanet, Ana da Graça, Jorge Dutor i Macarena Recuerda / Lighting Miriam Ubanet i Ana da Graça / Music Nieves Arilla, Elliot, Nico Roig, Roger Puig, Román Gil / Acknowledgments Conchita Pons i Enara Aranbide /
Gorka Bilbao, Alexia Bombaci

With the collaboration Gobierno Vasco, Festival BAD, Antic Teatre, Graner fábrica de creación, La Fundición Bilbao, Harrobia, Zentro Azkuna

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Introductory session to the show ‘A LITTLE HOUR BEFORE’: November 5 and 6


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