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Festival IF Barcelona with Mercat: Gota a gota

November 11 & 12
  • Season


  • Duration


  • Rate

    16 €



  • Schedule

    21 h

This renowned independent company in Madrid presents an abstract, contemplative and indescribable play created in 2019. In this work, which they define as a poetic celebration of life and death, fragile and beautiful beings roam the stage in a show that is a cross between the performing arts and installation art. “An impressive example of how reality germinates in art” (Alfonso Becerra, Artezblai).

El Canto de la Cabra was created by Elisa Gálvez and Juan Úbeda in 1993, and is a project based on theatrical arts and artistic exchange, programming and stage direction. They created a space that for 15 years was the epicentre of the contemporary scene in Madrid. Subsequently, they moved to Becedas, a small town in Ávila, a completely disconnected place where they continue to work on the dozen or so pieces that make up their professional career.

Creation, direction, texts, stage spaceElisa Gálvez, Juan Úbeda / At the sceneDavid Climent, Carmen Menager, Juan Úbeda, David Franch / Lighting, sound and machinery technicianGaizka Rementeria / Assistant assemblyMarina Martínez Corral / Lighting and sound spaceJuan Úbeda / Video Irene Navascués – Leo Castro / PhotographyMarta Vega – Elisa Gálvez / Editing and publishing textAflera (Pliegos de teatro y danza)
Artistic residenciesL’Animal a l’esquena (Celrà, Girona), Teatro Ensalle (Vigo) / Production El Canto de la Cabra

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