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El meu nom és Hor

April 19 to 22
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    16 €



  • Schedule

    20h (dg 18h)

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El meu nom és Hor (My Name is Hor) is artistically drawing from the poetry of the image which is articulated by means of circus techniques and puppetry.  The scenographic and spatial treatment is achieved by the continuous use of lighting controlled on stage by the performers.  Puppets are the co-stars of the performance. They are a metaphor for an identity that has been lost or not yet formed, while also acting as the alter-egos of the protagonists.

Wanja and Adrià, using obsolete objects, unfinished puppets, high-risk acrobatics, penetrating humour, and a disconcerting interplay of light and shadow done with an electrical device they call the “Luminòfon”, tell us, with beautiful and disturbing images that tap straight into the viewer’s subconscious, the story of what happened to them in a cave while they were working on the creation of My Name is Hor.

This is the second piece by the PSIRC company, the first being Acrometria which has been shown around the world in recent years.  The title My Name is Hor is taken from a short story by the German writer Michael Ende, a writer who, like Georges Didi-Huberman, Guy de Bord, Byung-chul Han, and the author(s) making up The Invisible Committee, has been a source of inspiration for the performers.

Stage performers: Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña / Original idea: Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña / Creation and writing:  Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Rolando San Martín / Director: Rolando San Martin / Puppets:  Wanja Kahlert / Sound design: Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Rolando San Martín / Sound editing: Wanja Kahlert / Lighting:  Carlos Ferrer, Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Rolando San Martín / Scenography:  Adrià Montaña and Wanja Kahlert / Sound technician and lighting: Carlos Ferrer  / Distribution: Amèlia Bautista

Coproduction Mercat de les Flors
With the support OSIC and ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya)
We have been aided by the Companyonatge and Companyia consolidada sections of the De Mar a Mar project, co-financed within the framework of the POCTEFA project by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Also by the support of various in-residences which have accommodated us during the process of creation.  Especially La Central del Circ, and also La Grainerie (Toulouse, France), Ax-Animation (Ax-les-Thermes, France), Cronopis (Mataró), the Teatre Auditori in Granollers  and L’Estruch, Fàbrica de les Arts en Viu in Sabadell
Special thanks: Throughout the creative gestation period we have received the advice and opinions of highly experienced individuals in the world of circus, such as the researcher, artistic advisor and director Jean Michel Guy, the circus performer and dramaturge Maroussia Diaz Verbèke (Le vide, Troisième Cirque), and the European circus projects consultant Yohann Floch.  Also, many thanks to the actor Sergi López for letting himself be amazed and providing his observations.




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