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Karstein Solli Produksjoner (Norway)

EL MÉS PETIT DE TOTS (THE YOUNGEST OF ALL): StemmeStammen / Tribal voices

November 16
  • Season


  • Duration

    40 minutes

  • Rate

    8 €

  • Schedule

    10:30 h i 12 h

  • Room

Recommended age: from 0 to 3 years old

In StemmeStammen (Tribal voices), the boundaries between the room and the stage blur to create a cozy visual space where children and adults can find their place to be together.

Through family situations, humour and games, this Norwegian company creates its own imagination that will evoke ties to both tribal rituals and the “absurd” that often coexist with the rules of children’s games.

The masculine intense voice -sometimes too strong but comforting for the babies who feel and recognize it- talks about far-off languages, lost tribes, songs, festive screams and soft rumors. And when we scream, singing together, we realize that our body is also an instrument with a powerful soundbox.


Idea, choreography and direction Karstein Solli / Music Oystein Elle / Performers Ibrahim Fazlic, Alexander Aaro, Geir Hytten, Oystein Elle / Set and costume design Vitor Monico Truzzi / Lighting and video Sabina Jacobsson