November 14 & 15


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Recommended ages: From 2 to 5 years old

In Nudos, Da.Te Danza delves into the personal development of the child as he or she grows up. Starting from the first emotional knot —the umbilical cord that links us to our mother—, the story evolves. New knots are created with each experience. Knots that surround us, oppress us, condition us and, finally, knots that release us when they are undone. There are a thousand types of knots: small ones, big ones, light ones, hard ones… Sometimes they even tie our throats and prevent us from breathing; sometimes they get into our stomachs and paralyse us; sometimes they tie us to new experiences and people.

Soft knots, hard knots, huge knots and small knots; cloth knots and fear knots; cold knots and knots that burn. Knots that surround us and make us roll. Knots we swallow so we can barely speak. Sailor knots or balls of cat-fur, knots depicting hurting absences… How do we deal with a knot when we are four years old? How can we tell it apart from a stomachache or a sore throat? How do we deal with it when we are eight? What type of scar do we get as adults as a result of overcoming a knot?

Choreographic direction Omar Meza / Da.Te Danza / Choreographic assistant Celia Sako / Theater direction Valeria Fabretti / Performers María José Casado Díaz, Raúl Durán Muñoz i Raúl Gea Martínez / Costume design Laura León / Scenery/Utility Carlos Monzón / Original Music Jesús Fernández / Lighting Design Héctor Ruano i Aitor Palomo / Video and projections Aitor Palomo / Technical team Héctor Ruano



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Season: 2020-2021

November 14 & 15

12 h (saturday) | 12 h & 17 h (sunday)

Sala MAC

8 €

Running time: 45 minutes


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