April 29 & 30

ANA PI Constellation LIA RODRIGUES + BRASIL NEXT: The Divine Cypher

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This piece is a cinematographic and performative immersion in the folk dances and sacred rituals of Haiti based on the film Divine Horsemen, filmed during the 1940s and 1950s. Ana Pi engages in a phantasmagorical dialogue with the work of the transdisciplinary filmmaker Maya Deren and, in a single movement, weaves a tapestry composed of fragility and balance, archives, images from the past and futurity; she also invites us to learn from the Haitian artists she has found in her present path. Premiered in 2021 at the Paris Autumn Festival, The Divine Cypher arises from a project carried out in Haiti and funded by the research grant awarded to the artist by New York’s MoMA and the Cisneros Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America.

Choreographer and image artist, researcher of urban dance, extemporaneous dancer and educator, Ana Pi’s practice moves between concepts that range from transit and displacement to belonging, superposition, memory, colours and everyday actions. With her first documentary, NoirBLUE – les déplacements d’une danse, which won prestigious awards in both Brazil and Europe, she embarked upon a solid creative career that has taken her around the world, performing both her own choreographic pieces and collaborations with other artists.

Choreographic and scenographic conception, videos, research and interpretationAna Pi / Creating lights Bia Kaysel / Reinterpretation lighting Jean-Marc Ségalen / Scene chief, alternating Bia Kaysel, Jean-Marc Ségalen / Music and sounds Jideh HIGH ELEMENTS, Emy de Pradines i Auguste de Pradines – Ezili Nenenn Ô, Julien Creuzet i Maya Deren / Real memories, dreamed dialogues and / or multiple collaborationsKatherine Dunham, Maya Deren, Emy de Pradines, Lumane Casimir, Martha Jean-Claude, Toto Bissainthe, Marie-Ange Aurilin, Ginite Popote, Tara El, Wendy Désert, Gerda Boisguené, Murielle Jassinthe, TRVANIA, Jenny Mezile / Semiotic perspective Profe. Dre. Cida Moura / Philosophical perspective  Profe. Dre. Maria Fernanda Novo / Plastic perspective Julien Creuzet
Co-production The Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America & Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA; Terra Batida, Alkantara, Portugal; Be My Guest — Réseau international pour les pratiques émergentes; La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne; CNDC, Angers; Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gand – en el marc del programa de cooperació Hauts-de-France / Flandres / Co-production film amb la participació de la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain’s Soirées Nomades

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Season: 2022-2023

April 29 & 30


Sala PB

12 €

Running time: 1 h & 20 m


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