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CIUTAT FLAMENCO 2015: Urulario y Gabaldón

Friday, 22nd of may
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Featuring the dancer Ángeles Gabalón and the trio Urulario, a group dedicated to free music, this is an encounter between flamenco and contemporary language through joint improvisation, where no structures are established in advance and there is no need to respect the usual hierarchy established between dance and music. A show where the music is not there to accompany the dance but rather where dance and music relate to each other and develop spontaneously, enjoying an autonomy unusual in flamenco. An exciting new scenario for each of the artists, which demands constant negotiation and trust in their ability to interact spontaneously despite the differences in the forms of expression.

Since her origins in the flamenco clubs (tablaos) of Seville, Ángeles Gabaldón has presented her dance shows on the five continents and won numerous awards. In particular, her first big show, Inmigración, premiered in Seville during the 2004 Flamenco Biennial, was recognised by the specialist critics with the prizes for the best performance and best company at the Flamenco Hoy awards. In Ángeles Gabaldón’s dance, passion and the essential feelings of flamenco join hands with the elegance and subtlety of Spanish classical dance, simply and naturally, combining strength and simplicity with elements from other genres such as contemporary dance and making her shows an inexhaustible melting pot of expressive ideas. In combination with her extremely restless spirit and a strong sense of self-criticism, her work has led her to seek and gradually find her own style.

She is accompanied by the Urulario trio, consisting of Alejandro Rojas-Marcos (harpsichord), Sara Martin Garcia (flute) and Antonio Corrales López (double bass), all teachers at the Joaquín Villatoro Conservatory of Music in Jerez de la Frontera. Since it was formed in 2010, the trio has dedicated itself exclusively to free music and given various concerts in Seville, Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera.

Dance Ángeles Gabaldón
Flute Sara Martín
Harpsichord Alejandro Rojas-Marcos
Double bass Antonio Corrales

We have reserved seats for people who use wheelchairs. Please, contact us at publics@mercatflors.cat so we can guarantee good care