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Thursday, 21st of May
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Pol Jiménez returns to Ciutat Flamenco in a new encounter with dance where he takes an honest approach without any affectation. In Nu the dancer reveals what drives his dance and the need to perform it, disregarding the rules and guidelines. For him, everything is a play on movement projected out of its own reality … coming from the belly and spreading out to the hands and feet. This is dance for Pol Jiménez.

This is not the first time Pol Jiménez has participated in Ciutat Flamenco. Although only 20, the young dancer has already featured on the festival programme three times. A dancer and choreographer with his own style, Pol Jiménez began studying dance at the age of eight and immediately began to win his first grants and awards, such as the Spanish National Ballet award at the Spanish Dance and Choreography Competition, the Flamenco de Madrid award for Subconscient and the Spanish Dance prize at the III City of Barcelona International Dance Competition. And in 2013 he represented the Institut del Teatre as a choreographer at the Assamblée Internationale festival organised by the National Ballet School of Canada. After triumphing with Vaivén, his first show, presented in 2014 at Sala Fénix in Barcelona, and success with his choreographies En el Corral, Sentado and Gélido, the young dancer is back with a new show, accompanied by the guitarist Javier Luque and the cellist Martín Meléndez.

Dance Pol Jiménez
Guitar Javier Luque
Cello Martín Meléndez

We have reserved seats for people who use wheelchairs. Please, contact us at publics@mercatflors.cat so we can guarantee good care