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Black Out

September 29
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Black Out is a show where four performers combine words, dance, physical theatre and images to communicate with their shadowy side. Structured around independent monologues that complement each other, Black Out establishes a dialogue with the darkest part of the individual, which in German is called the Doppelgänger or the ghostly double of someone who is alive. The piece is based on a text by Miguel Orbaneja Gil de Biedma.

Aiming at exploring the duality of light and darkness, searching for the balance in life, the show moves between comedy and drama, switching abruptly from one to the other.

Winner of the City of Barcelona Award for Dance in 2004, Jordi Cortés has performed with companies such as Lanònima Imperial, Mudances, Metros, DV8 Physical Theatre, Nigel Charnock, EN-KNAP and the National Theatre Company in London. He has created numerous choreographies and also works with integrated dance pieces, for example Black Out and the earlier V.I.T.R.I.O.L., which was presented during the Mercat de les Flors season.

Direction Jordi Cortés
Performers Mercedes Recacha, Maxime Iannarelli, Raül Perales, María José Moya (functional diversity)
Author of texts Miguel Orbaneja Gil de Biedma
Music and sound space Jesús Díaz & Gabriel Fletcher
Production & management Raül Perales / ALTA REALITAT