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Bathroom Symphony

September 29
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Bathroom Symphony is a dance show with live music that focuses on privacy; it is a homage to the place that people choose for such disparate actions as trimming their nails or taking their lives. It is a journey into our most primitive self that uses movement to expose those acts considered most private and inconfessable because they are seen as shameful, embarrassing or improper. Violinist Adele Madau’s live music is inspired by sounds and situations created in a bathroom.

Vero Cendoya combines her career as a dancer and choreographer with her other profession of painter and illustrator. She trained under teachers like David Zambrano, Jennifer Monson, Jeremy Nelson, Kristie Simson and Katy Duck, and also with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and Movement Research in New York. Since then she has worked with choreographers such as Sol Picó and Àngels Margarit and the companies Inbal Pinto in Israel and Le Boussonniere in Switzerland, among others, apart from presenting numerous pieces in Germany and Italy with Hans Werner, Helge Letonja and Veronika Riz. She formed her own company in 2008 and has presented various shows around Europe. Together with Adele Madau she recently opened La Palomera, a multidisciplinary space for creation.

Direction Vero Cendoya
Creation and performance Ona Fusté, Ariadna Montfort, Vero Cendoya
Live music Adele Madau (electric violin and sounds made by objects)
Music creation Alessandro Olla, Adele Madau
Movement assistant Valentí Rocamora
Dramaturgical assessment Adele Madau
Costumes Miriam Ibáñez and Mama&Co
Lighting design Sylvia Kuchinow
Set design Joan Manrique

Co-production TiConZero (Sardinia, Italy)
With the support of OSIC
Acknowledgements Jorge Picó, Claudia Solwat, Sol Picó, Bene Carrat, Romano and Lucia, Dolores Porcu