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Another pa amb tomàquet (2002). Video

April from 25 to 28 & 30
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    De 17h a 22h (proyección continua)

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Another pa amb tomàquet uses scenes filmed during the production of the no. 34 «pieza distingida», Pa amb tomàquet (2000). La Ribot tries to make the bread recipe with tomato five times during five days: the recordings of the first four days make up the “distinguished piece” no. 34, which opened the Still Distinguished series / show, while the tasty fifth version was served to the visitors of the Soledad Lorenzo gallery in 2002 in Madrid, in video format edited 12 minutes long. The method is that of the “operator body” and in music we find Belmonte, from the composer Carles Santos, with acute notes that resemble those of a suspense film. The piece is raised in affectionate and irreverent parody of the Psicosis shower scene, albeit with a feminist twist. Thanks to the portable camera, Hitchcock is dethroned and here is Janet Leigh who is responsible for directing and cutting.