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AFRICA MOMENT: One hour with Robyn Orlin

Decembre 19th
  • Season


  • Duration

    60 minutes

  • Schedule

    17 h

  • Rate

    Free with pre-registration

  • Room

Performative conference in which each spectator becomes an actor/actress to get involved in the creative process of the leading South African dancer and choreographer, Robyn Orlin. For one hour, the viewer experiences first-hand how the choreographer works on her pieces while a film is being shot at the moment. Robyn Orlin will surrender to these sixty minutes in order to evoke, with her unique humor and personal tone, her favorite topics: the history of her country and her continent, her identity, her memory and her life.

Since the early 1990s, her dance has particularly reflected the scars of this homeland, be it apartheid, colonialism, AIDS or poverty. Themes that are immersed in her theatrical choreography and in direct contact with reality.

Attendees will be part of this performance, which has already taken place in places such as the Paris Philharmonic or La Gaîté Lyrique, also in Paris.

Robyn Orlin is known for the constant irritation caused by her pieces. Received the most important award conferred by France for merit in Arts. For 30 years, she has transformed the boundaries between performing arts and dance. Albert Ibokwe Khoza has been a transgressive South African actor, singer, dancer and choreographer from his beginnings, influenced by African dancers such as Robyn Orlin, Athena Mazarakis, Mandla Mbothwe, Gregory Maqoma, Gerard Bester and Nhalanhla Mahlangu. For him, theater, dance and art in general are weapons that remind, strike, inflict, raise awareness and bring about change.