11 and 12 march

LA RIBOT TRANSaccions: Another distinguée

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It has been twenty three years since La Ribot first conceived of the Distinguished Pieces and the project continues to unfold, revealing new meaning with each transformation. The Distinguished Pieces are short performances or actions organized in a series, each serie is a  show and they have been performed in different kinds of spaces: theaters, art galleries, museums. The latest series Another Distinguée adds a surprising new layer which changes the significance of all the previously pieces.

Another Distinguée is an invitation to oblivion and at the same time, paradoxically, an exercise in memory. Memory is capricious and cannot be regulated or controlled. Memory rewrite its stories anew and to do so it slips, repeats, embellishes, represses, etc.

In this sense Another Distinguée not only takes us somewhere new but, at the same time, it pushes us towards the unknown. The characteristic clarity of the previous series and pieces is now transformed into a dark dream like shadow play where La Ribot’s body, no longer a fetish for the gaze of the spectator, becomes a multiple presence that slips and transforms into other possible bodies.  Heroine, Superheros, Warriors, Mermaid. La Ribot and her performers invent new identities in each piece only to shed it and transform in the next.

Another Distinguée invites the spectator to enter a very particular yet recognisable space: a “black cube”. The characteristics of the space make for a direct and individual experience: each spectator has to take charge of their own presence and is free to decide where and how they are at any given moment. At the same time they must negotiate their physical relationship with other spectators with whom they share the space. In Another Distinguée there are more than shadows, a vast looming dark presence dominates, opaque and sinister, establishing a principle of invisibility that infinitely multiples the possible points of view. This vast presence profoundly limits any attempt to visually control what is occurring  The only way forward is to accept this visual defeat and deliver oneself up to whatever each of our bodies is able to do and to make sense of.

Jaime Conde-Salazar

Choregraphed and directed La Ribot /Performers La Ribot, Juan Loriente, Thami Manekehla / Installation La Ribot /Construction of installation Marie Prédour, Victor Roy / Lights design Eric Wurtz / Technical director Marie Prédour / Costumes La Ribot / Production of costumes Laurence Durieux, Marion Schmidt, Julie Z. / Outside eye Jaime Conde Salazar
Coproduction Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne CND – Centre Pompidou, Paris, Latittudes contemporaines, Lille, Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Tramway, Glascow / With the collaboration Comédie de Genève / With the support Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Ernst Göhner
Foundation La Ribot is supported by Ville de Genève, République et canton de Genève and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council

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Full data

Photos and captation Anne Maniglier, Collectif des routes / Production La Ribot – Genève /Production and communication Sara Cenzual. /Administration Gonzague Bochud / Diffusion Nicky Childs (Artsadmin, London). La Ribot is an Artsadmin associate artist. Diffusion for Spain: Paz Cecilia (Magale prod, Madrid). Diffusion of visual art: Angel Varela


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