From 22 to 24 March and from 4 to 7 April


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LA VERONAL is an associated company to Mercat de les Flors


A woman sits in a museum gallery and observes a painting. Near the door a man stands and watches the scene. This is the starting point for the new project from La Veronal, which takes us to the Italian city of Siena to initiate a reflection on the conception of the human body. The human body represents and has represented the passing of the centuries, and art has involved itself with human material in as many ways as it has found convenient, while artists have used the body as a container and projector of meanings. The piece is an exploration of the history of Italian art, in a journey that begins in the Renaissance, when humankind recovered its self-awareness, and finishes in the modern world.
Siena gets lost on the way and we find ourselves in a strange and timeless space, caught up in a game of ekphrasis, the verbal representation of a real or fictitious visual representation, where the represented body and the real body, the dead body and the living body get mixed up, forcing us to stop for a moment to make sense of each of them. It is a place that sees the mingling of memory and imagination and the body as an object, its appearance, its fragility, its mortality, and the contrast of the body as an individual entity in opposition to the masses.
Siena is the absolute and constant need felt by human beings to contemplate themselves. Observing, recognizing the body’s forms, actions and presence, because, in the end, Siena is the desire to observe it forever until it all gets mixed up.
In this new work La Veronal continue to draw on references from other artistic disciplines such as cinema and literature. In this respect, Pasolini’s work, so linked to everything human, has also served as inspiration for the construction of a disturbing essay about the centrality of the body on stage, also supported by the language of El Conde de Torrefiel, regular collaborators with La Veronal.”


Founded in 2005 by Marcos Morau, La Veronal is one of the solidest new Catalan companies and one of the best known nationally and internationally. Morau has produced several shows, all bearing the names of cities or countries, and has won numerous awards, reaffirming the company’s unstoppable creative development. During 2011 the Mercat co-produced and premiered the award-winning Rússia. This counted on the collaboration of filmmaker Cesc Gay. Morau has been guest choreographer with the Cross Connection Ballet at the prestigious Royal Danish Theatre and will also work with the Swedish Norrdans Company in the near future.


Direction Marcos Morau
Choreography Marcos Morau in collaboration with the performers
Dramaturgy Pablo Gisbert – El Conde de Torrefiel
Performers Clyde Emmanuel Archer, Inma Asensio, Júlia Cambra, Laia Duran, Cristina Facco, Cristina Goñi, Anna Hierro, Almog Loven, Ariadna Montfort, Lorena Nogal, Marina Rodríguez, Sau-Ching Wong
Direction assistant Tanya Beyeler
Teacher Cristina Facco
Space La Veronal
Lighting design Enric Planas
Photography Edu Pérez and Quevieneelcoco

Coproduction Mercat de les Flors, Hellerau (European Centre for the Arts, Dresden)
With the collaboration of Modul-Dance, El Graner Espai de Creació, La Caldera, Devir Capa Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Faro (Portugal), Duncan Dance Center, Atenes (Greece), Dance Ireland, Dublin (Ireland)

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Useful information

Season: 2012-2013

From 22 to 24 March and from 4 to 7 April

20:30h (Sunday, 18h)

Sala MAC

Price 14 – 16,5 €

Running time: 60'


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