December 3rd

BEA FERNÁNDEZ SÂLMON<. Este lugar entre: Prethink and free action (This place between prethink and free action)

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Three choreographies by two performers created on the basis of the research project Muy Experimental, which has been used by the artist as a means to develop different workshops and meetings throughout the last years, and has crystallized in these three pieces or movements, where the artist deals with a body involved in its practice of being, an unfinished body that is not established in advance but that instead takes place or emerges from the crack, the possibility and the potentiality, among other additives brought up by this open choreography.

Beatriz Fernández is the cofounder of Las Santas collective, and jointly carries out the artistic direction of La Poderosa, a space for creation and staging research in Barcelona. She has developed a broad solo creative activity, and has also collaborated with choreographers such as Carmelo Salazar. For six years she has carried out a pedagogical activity through body workshops, and works on the construction of the body’s presence in real time.

Conception and direction Bea Fernández / Artistic assistant Carmelo Salazar / Lights Cube / Musical construction Carmelo Salazar / Costume design Jorge Dutor / Year 2014-15

SOLO A: Choreography Bea Fernández, Carmelo Salazar / Performance Clara Tena

SOLO B: Choreography Bea Fernández / Creation and performance Oihana Altube

DUO C: Choreography Bea Fernández / Creation and performance Oihana Altube, Clara Tena

Production Bea Fernández, with the creative support from La Poderosa / Coproduction Graner fàbrica de creació, L’Antic Teatre / With support from La Poderosa, L’Animal a l’esquena, Azala, Teatro Leal-Lav, Teatro Pradillo / Acknowledgements Javier Vaquero, Oihana Altube, Clara Tena, Carmelo Salazar; ARTAS, Mónica Pérez, Jorge Dutor, Las Fernández and to all those who have supported me during the process.

Network creation
Creació en xarxa



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December 3rd


Sala PB - Mercat de les Flors


Running time: 50'


Bea Fernández website


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