December 3 and 4



A night at El Mercat de les Flors where there will be three pieces of the dialogue between human and his context

CAMARALUCIDA presents Sistema

Sistema is a physical story about the emotional world of a couple, in which the key points of their life together are explained, aspects such as disconnection, daily life, sex, love and reunion. This work reflects on the way human relationships are based on specific codes of communication, how they are governed by these codes: when we are in a loving relationship, where the whole range of emotions is much deeper and behaviour becomes more complex, we create emotional structures and move within the safety of their parameters, leaving all responsibility and guilt outside this system.

The company Camaralucida presented its first show, Sin Tierra, in 2012 at the Antic Teatre. This was a piece in medium-sized format developed at several venues. In 2013 they produced Sistema, which has been presented at competitions and festivals inside and outside Spain. In 2014 they were given the green light to create a site-specific work within the framework of the Sismògraf festival. The result was El catártico ejercicio del benestar, later presented as newly site-specific at the Per Amor a l’Hart festival.

Direction Lautaro Reyes
Performers Alba Barral, Javier G. Arozena

OLATZ DE ANDRÉS presents Privolva

Olatz de Andrés presents an excerpt from Privolva, a piece based on the imaginary worlds of science fiction, which reflects on homogenisation as a refuge but at the same time as a place that limits and dilutes identities.

Since 2004 Olatz de Andrés has produced several pieces, including Privolva Landing in 2013, which won first prize at the 27th Choreography Competition of Madrid. As a performer she has worked in Barcelona with the companies A&B, Konic Thtr and Iliacán, and with the choreographers Benoit Lachambre and John Jasperse. She also organises contemporary dance and improvisation workshops. Since 2010 she has co-managed Muelle 3 Espacio de Danza y Creación in Bilbao, which generates research, art and community, training and creative projects in the world of dance and the performing arts.

Idea and direction Olatz de Andrés
Creation and performance Pilar Andrés, Isaak Erdoiza, Olatz de Andrés
Muelle 3 Espacio de Danza y Creación
Co-production Festival BAD
Artistic residencies L’Animal a l’esquena, La Fundición, San Agustín Kultur Aretoa
With the support of the Basque Government

This show is presented within the framework of the partnership between Graner and the Madrid Choreographic Competition

NÚRIA GUIU presents Login

Login is an excerpt and adaptation of a piece created in 2012 for the National Contemporary Dance Company of Norway, the Carte Blanche Dance Company. The piece questions the impact of the new social media in relation to our bodies and our perception of time and space through these. The work is inspired by texts and authors such as Travels in Hyperreality by Umberto Eco, The City by Martin Crimp, Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, Plato’s Allegory of Cave, and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Núria Guiu graduated from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and was part of the young company IT Dansa. As a dancer she has worked with various companies such as the Batsheva Dance Company (IL), Carte Blanche Dance Company (NO), La Veronal (SP), Jasmin Vardimon (UK), Andersson Dance (SE), Arouni Dance (NO) and Kobalt Works (BE). As a choreographer she has created several solos. Her latest piece was created for the Carte Blanche Dance Company and premiered at the National Opera in Oslo. Over the last few years she has also assisted and worked with the choreographer Arco Renz in countries such as Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Dancers Antonella Sampieri, Julia Robert, Lautaro Reyes, Rudi Cole
Music Gisle Martens Meyer
Choreography Núria Guiu Sagarra
Residency L’Estruch in Sabadell
Photos Guido Sarli
Video Ignasi Castañé, Cligbcn productions



Useful information

Season: 2014-2015

December 3 and 4

Wednesday 9pm / Thursday 7:30pm

Sala PB


Running time: 60' aprox



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